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Dr. Metz's Important Update on Lead as it relates to usage in our facility.

Dr. Metz was recently featured in an article entitled Second Hand Snoring in the Ladies Home Journal February, 2007 issue.

In 1994, Dr. W. Keith Thornton, a third generation dentist in Dallas, Texas developed the (TAP), a medical anti-snoring and sleep apnea device. Dr. Thornton founded Airway Management, Inc. (AMI) in order to market and supply TAP products both domestically and internationally through dental laboratories. Our laboratory will purchase parts from AMI and fabricate the device upon Dr. Metz's prescription custom to the patient's dental casts. Click here to view an informative video on the treatment options available through Dr. Metz.

The following are videos that are available for you to download. Each video shows examples of sleep apnea. Three of these videos are large, it is recommended that you save them to your computer, then attempt to view them once it is saved. The video entitled 'Sleep Apnea Patient' is small enough to be opened from the website.


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Prosthodontic Newsletter

Autumn 2010 - Topic: Innovative Studies in Prosthodontics
Summer 2010 - Topic: Implant-tooth-Supported RPDs
Spring  2010 - Topic: Clinical Evaluation Of Three-unit All-ceramic Fixed Partial Dentures
Winter 2010 - Topic: Mandibular Over dentures Retained by One or Two Implants
Winter 2009 - Topic: CAD/CAM Technology in Fixed Prosthodontics
Autumn 2009 - Topic: Film Thickness of Recently Introduced Luting Agents
Summer 2009 - Topic: New Ideas in Implant Dentistry
Spring 2009 - Topic: In Vitro Studies in Prosthodontics
Winter 2008 - Topic: Implant-supportive Prostheses: An Update
Spring 2008 - Topic: Bonded Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Winter 2007 - Topic: Prospective Clinical Trials in Prosthodontics
Autumn 2007 - Topic: Clinical Outcome of Prosthodontic Treatment
Summer 2007 - Topic: Over dentures
Spring 2007 - Topic: High-strength Dental Ceramics
Winter 2006 - Topic: Esthetic Dentistry
Autumn 2006 - Topic: Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth
Summer 2006 - Topic: The Treatment of Edentulism
Spring 2006 - Topic: Treatment-planning Decisions in Prosthodontics
Autumn 2005 - Topic: An Update on Fixed Prosthodontics
Summer 2005 - Topic: Clinical Prosthodontics: A Literature Review
Spring 2005 - Topic: Materials and Techniques Used in Fixed Prosthodontics
Autumn 2004 - Topic: Biomechanics in Prosthodontics
Winter 2003 - Topic: New Developments in Dental Ceramic Technologies
Autumn 2003 -  Topic: Current Research in Implant-supported Prosthodontics
Winter 2002 - Topic: Prosthodontic Materials and Devices
Autumn 2002 - Topic: Restoring Pulpless Teeth
Spring 2002 - Topic: Uncertainties In Prosthodontics
Winter 2001 - Topic: Restoring pulpless teeth
Summer 2001 -  Topic: Esthetic Applications in Prosthodontics
Spring 2001 -  Topic: Biomechanics of Occlusion and Implant Prosthodontic
Autumn 2000 - Topic: Clinically Relevant Studies on Dental Porcelains
Summer 2000 - Topic: Clinical and Simulated Clinical Studies in Prosthodontics
Spring 2000 - Topic: Implant problems: How to Cope
Winter 1999 - Topic: Treatment of partial Edentulism
Autumn 1999 - Topic: Research on Implant Prosthodontics
Summer 1999 - Topic: All-ceramic Dental Restorations
Spring 1999 - Topic: Research in Fixed Prosthodontics
Autumn 1998 - Topic: Research On Occlusion
Summer 1998 -  Topic: Treatment of Edentulism

Case Study: Combination Therapy TMD/OSA


Report on Prosthodontics

We invite you to a professional courtesy reading of our 'Report on Prosthondontics' newsletter. This quarterly newsletter focuses on Dental Implants. This is excellent reading material for anyone interested in learning more about recent dental breakthroughs in the field of dental implants.